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Do your kids love to draw? Our students are amazed at how easily they can draw their favorite characters. Artists of all skill levels will be inspired as they learn: Comic Book/Animation/Figure Drawing Skills & Storytelling. We offer private lessons and group workshops both in person and via zoom. We offer the first lesson for FREE! Contact Judy at: 818-681-0743 to schedule today!

Our Classes


We offer classes during the week and on Saturdays.  

  • Intro to Comic Book Drawing ages  7-12

  • Advanced Workshop ages 12-17

  • Private lessons all ages 

What we Teach 


  • Basics of Figure drawing

  • Character Design

  • Composition

  • Superheroes and Action

  • Anime Cartooning


Mediums Taught

  • Pencil

  • Colored pencil

  • Pen & ink

  • Copics and colored markers


Anime & Cartooning

In this workshop, learn fundamentals of traditional American Animation & Japanese-style Anime cartooning.

• Evoke humor and expression through exaggeration and movement

• Learn the techniques of creative character design

• Master relative Proportion and Anatomy

Basic Figure & Portraiture

Tired of making childlike stick figures?

• Learn to draw 3-dimensional heads and faces, using simple steps

• Fundamentals of drawing to render the human form  

• Multiple mediums used: graphite, pencil and ink


Superheroes, Villains, and Action

Aspiring Comic Book artists will learn how to render bigger-than- life super adventurers and how to convey a successful range of powerful action poses.

  • How to draw heroic and dramatic figures

  • Learn to create movement and engaging action on the page

  • Layout an exciting action sequence


Character Design

  • Learn to thoughtfully design characters that effectively convey personality and emotion

  • Learn to assign characters with a range of expressive facial and body language

  • Learn how color palettes impact character design

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