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About Us

Scott Fresina, Creative Director, Curriculum Designer, and instructor, started on the artistic path at the tender age of six. The feast of images from the Comic Books, Monster magazines and paperbacks of the day rendered by the likes of Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, Jack Davis, and Frank Frazetta jumped off the page, impressing themselves indelibly upon his soaring imagination. In the 1980s he worked in the studios of master comic book creators Frank Miller (SIN CITY, 300, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS) and Eagle Award winner Howard Chaykin, developing his skill in both figural art and production.


Then in 1995, artist/writer Bruce Jones (THE INCREDIBLE HULK) asked him to helm his comic art class at The Curtis School in Bel Air. Scott found a home in the hearts of creative young people, and continued teaching classes at Creative Arts for Kids, and The Art Academy over the next two decades. In 2009 “Doctor Scott” (as the students call him) created a partnership with The Galaxy of Comics and began a comic art workshop in the store helping students to hone their drawing skills to make the leap from consumers and collectors to creators. In 2017 Scott met his wife Judy who is passionate and adept at business and marketing and soon they expanded their partnership, establishing The DRAW! Studio in January 2019. As the CMO Judy is connecting with community members and enrichment programs helping to design programs to reach a specific audience of imaginative young people who are passionate about creating characters and stories for the medium of Comics, Animation, Film, and Video Games.

Our Philosophy & Approach

The DRAW! Studio Creative Arts Workshops philosophy is that rendering art is empowering, spiritually healing, and supportive to the growth and development of all individuals and that a solid foundation of artistic skills will imbue students with the knowledge and confidence to pursue any artistic path they choose.

Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Classes

Beginning, intermediate and advanced student workshops are engaging and free from the boredom and frustration that comes from being taught inside a limited rote curriculum.  Our teachers are illustrators who are passionate about drawing and connect with each students’ specific interests. This allows students to move forward at their own pace. Classes are held year-round for consistency and steady advancement.


“Scott is a great, fun teacher who helped my art skills advance quickly." Erick M.    Age 15

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