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Do your kids love to draw?


Our students are amazed by how easily they can learn to draw their favorite characters.


Artists of all skill levels will be inspired as they explore:

Comic Book/Animation/Figure Drawing Skills & Storytelling.


We offer private lessons and group workshops both in-person and via zoom.

Yes, I'm interested!
What time works for you?

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We offer classes during the week and on Saturdays.  

  • Intro to Comic Book Drawing ages  7-12

  • Advanced Workshop ages 12-17

  • Private lessons all ages 

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  • Basics of Figure drawing

  • Character Design

  • Composition

  • Superheroes and Action

  • Anime Cartooning


Mediums Taught:

  • Pencil

  • Colored pencil

  • Pen & ink

  • Copics and colored markers


"Doctor Scott taught me to draw comics, and he taught me to love them. From him I not only learned how to tell a story in words and pictures, but also I learned to have a lifelong passion for the medium. His passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and without him showing me Kirby from Ditko I would not be the working comics artist I am today."

- J.A.K., cartoonist whose work has appeared in The New Yorker, the New York Times, and Cartoon Network.


Anime & Cartooning

Fundamentals of traditional American Animation & Japanese-style Anime cartooning.

• Evoke humor and expression through exaggeration and movement

• Learn the techniques of creative character design

• Master relative Proportion and Anatomy

Basic Figure & Portraiture

Tired of making childlike stick figures?

• Learn to draw 3-dimensional heads and faces, using simple steps

• Fundamentals of drawing to render the human form  

• Multiple mediums used: graphite, pencil and ink

Superheroes, Villains, and Action

Aspiring Comic Book artists will learn how to render bigger-than- life super adventurers and how to convey a successful range of powerful action poses.

  • How to draw heroic and dramatic figures

  • Learn to create movement and engaging action on the page

  • Layout an exciting action sequence

Character Design

  • Learn to thoughtfully design characters that effectively convey personality and emotion

  • Learn to assign characters with a range of expressive facial and body language

  • Learn how color palettes impact character design


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Scott Fresina is the Creative Director, Curriculum Designer, and Lead Instructor. He started The DRAW! Studio in 2019 with his wife Judy.


He previously worked in the studios of master comic book creators Frank Miller (SIN CITY, 300, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS) and Eagle Award winner Howard Chaykin, developing his skill in both figural art and production.

Artist/writer Bruce Jones (THE INCREDIBLE HULK) asked him to helm his comic art class at The Curtis School in Bel Air. Scott found a home in the hearts of creative young people, and continued teaching classes at Creative Arts for Kids, and The Art Academy over the next two decades. In 2009, “Doctor Scott” (as the students call him) created a partnership with The Galaxy of Comics and began a comic art workshop in the store helping students to hone their drawing skills to make the leap from consumers and collectors to creators.

In 2017, Scott met his wife Judy who is passionate and adept at business and marketing and soon they expanded their partnership, establishing The DRAW! Studio in January 2019. As the CMO Judy is connecting with community members and enrichment programs helping to design programs to reach a specific audience of imaginative young people who are passionate about creating characters and stories for the medium of Comics, Animation, Film, and Video Games.



The DRAW! Studio Creative Arts Workshops philosophy is that rendering art is empowering, spiritually healing, and supportive to the growth and development of all individuals and that a solid foundation of artistic skills will imbue students with the knowledge and confidence to pursue any artistic path they choose.

“Scott is a great, fun teacher who helped my art skills advance quickly."
- Erick M. Age 15

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